About Us

Get to know us...

Hello! I am Spyridoula Alafi and I was born and raised in Athens. I am a Bachelor Interior Design degree holder of Middlesex University(2010) and Holistic basic level - step 1 & step 2 (2020).

Flowers are an integral part in my life especially because from the time that I can remember myself I used to spend much of my time in my mother’s flower shop.

In 2010, after a wedding window decoration I made for my mother’s flower shop, I decided to work with event decoration, flowers, plants, soils and whatever a florist’s job involves. I have never regretted that!

In 2017, following an already existing eshop operating exclusively with flower delivery, I decided to combine my fondness of internet with my passion for flowers. The outcome was the reconstruction of the old site to a totally fresh one; the site succeeds in combining the know-how and the services of a flower shop while bringing all these comforts to you. Just with one click! Whenever you want! FLORAISON.gr is an online flower shop that enables you to send flowers, decorate your working place with flowers or plants, organize your wedding or christening day or just send unique company gifts.

What makes us different

FLORAISON.gr offers a sense of luxury through medium level prices. The success lies in the provision of all the advantages found in a high quality flower shop together with prices much more affordable due to our excellent sense of creation that manages to bring the art of bouquet creation in the new digital era. All flower arrangements are carefully delivered by our professional delivery people. A same-day delivery is available in the prefecture of Attica.

Whatever you see in our site’s images is what is delivered to you. No surprises for you! In our premises, our staff takes pictures while arranging the flowers you order. The moment you have your order delivered, a confirmation email is sent to you informing you about the delivery accompanied with a photo of the flowers we delivered. 

Why choosing us

Our 30 year experience in the field of flower arrangement, our tradition and consistency make us constantly have fresh ideas and manage to meet even the most demanding customer’s needs. Flowers from all over the world, variety of colors and vivid imagination are the key components for our creations. Feel free to trust us for your personal, business and social needs and the final result will come up to your expectations.